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Ultrasound Technology Used to Measure Fat Depth

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Dr. Broadway is now offering his patients the TouchView Ultrasound transducer created by Sound Surgical Technologies.  Recently approved by the FDA, the transducer offers high quality imaging as well as an accurate measure of fat tissue depth.

The transducer will help Denver lipo patients pre and postoperatively.  An example of pre surgery is mapping and measuring fat depth on areas of the body where fatty tissue is going to be aspirated during surgery. This allows us to give patients an idea of how much fatty tissue they are carrying in a specific area, and what changes they can expect after surgery.  The TouchView also allows Dr. Broadway to detect a hernia or other scar tissue that might influence your surgical result.

During surgery, the TouchView allows the surgeon to be even more precise with what fat to remove and what fat to leave, especially when working in the most superficial layer of fat, which is essential for VASER Hi Def Liposculpting.

Post-operatively the TouchView is extremely important with the detection of seromas. This is a build up of fluid that feels like jello, and if not treated, can create contour irregularities under the skin, once again affecting your overall result.  Dr. Broadway is quoted in the April addition of The Aesthetic Guide stating “I routinely examine patients post-operatively to see if they have a clinical or sub-clinical seroma.  If I find one, I can use the ultrasound-guided needle aspiration.”

The best lipo resultsare achieved in the hands of the most experienced surgeon.  One who offers the most advanced equipment, and one who understands the human anatomy as an art form.  From start to finish, you will learn that the body sculpting procedures offered by the surgeons at bod:evolve, are not like the lipo procedures you will find anywhere else.  Our post operative care includes special foam garments developed by our surgeons, post operative massage therapy treatments, and detailed instructions by our highly trained staff during your healing process, to ensure you achieve the best result.

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