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Breast Implants vs. Natural Fat Transfer–What’s Best For You?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Now days you can tailor and design almost anything to the way that you want it.  Options are endless for hair color, nail color, even eye color.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Often times, women don’t realize the number of choices they have to achieve the breast enhancement that they want.  Not only does Dr. Broadway offer his patients both saline and MemoryGel breast implants in a variety of profiles, but he is also excited to offer his breast enhancement patients the option of “Pure Graft” fat transfers to the  breasts.

There are pros and cons to both options, and a consultation with Dr. Broadway and his staff is the best way to determine the right procedure for you!  During your consultation we will discuss what your ultimate goal is, and the best route to get you there. 

The benefits of choosing a breast implant:
1.  Guaranteed the volume that you selected
2.  Will provide more of a lift for women with droopiness
3.  Can achieve a greater volume gain

The benefits of choosing the Pure Graft Fat Transfer:
1.  It’s your own natural tissue with limited chance of your body rejecting the transfer
2.  There is no chance of a rupture
3.  Looks and feels the most natural

If you are currently researching your upcoming Denver plastic surgery procedure, the surgeons at bod:evolve are generally one of the first in the industry to offer their patients the most revolutionary techniques and/or technologies in plastic surgery today.  Form VASER Hi Def, to fat cell preservation, and Pure Graft Fat transfers, Dr. Broadway and his colleagues continue to pave the road in plastic surgery, offering patients body sculpting options we thought we could have only dreamed of.

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Fat Cell Preservation, Denver, Texas, Lone Tree

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Dr. Broadway @ bodevolve is the first surgeon in Denver to offer his patients the option of fat cell preservation.  This “sci fi”  technique, that has taken off in Europe, allows a young patient to remove fat cells today during their VASER lipo procedure, store the fat through cryopreservation, and transfer the young fat cells back into the desired area of the body later in life. 

There are a number of good reasons to store your fat for future use, not only for cosmetic treatments, but also post cancer reconstruction, and wound care.  The fat you remove today will be younger, stronger and more viable than fat removed in later years.  This option is far more appealing because it’s your own tissue and not foreign material, allowing for less rejection.

During your Denver lipo procedure, Dr. Broadway will remove the fat and adipose tissue from the desired area with ultrasound technology.  Once aspirated, it will be immediately shipped to a facility in Texas, where it is processed and preserved until you are ready to inject it back into the body.

Banked fat can be used at any time to freshen up a previous cosmetic procedure, such as fat transfer to the face, without having to go through the lipo surgery and recovery again.  Potential future uses of banked fat that are being researched and studied today include:  spinal cord injuries, muscle disorders, heart attacks, kidney damage, and sport related injuries.  The fat taken today could potentially help save your life in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about fat cell preservation, call today to schedule your consultation with triple board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Broadway.

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