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Best Facelift in Denver

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

You’ve scheduled a number of consultations with Denver board certified plastic surgeons to better understand your upcoming Facelift surgery, and the only thing you have really learned is that you are more confused now then you were before you began your research.  The options for facial rejuvenation can seem endless, and the prices can range from $5000-$15,000.  What do you really need to understand to ensure you get one of the best facelifts in Denver?

Dr. Broadway’s facelifts will typically take around 4-5 hours for a female patient, and longer for a male.  During the procedure Dr. Broadway uses the SMAS technique to help give a more dramatic, longer lasting result.  SMAS stands for Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System.  This allows the surgeon to tighten more than just the superficial skin, providing a “deeper” lift than what you would see with the LifeStyle Lift procedure. 

Actual patient of Dr. Broadway-Facelift with fat transfer

Patients always question how long their facelift result will last, and this varies based on their age, genetics, environmental damage, smoking, and overall health.  As we age our tissue softens and becomes more lax, and it’s more difficult to anchor sutures to softer tissue, so age plays a big role in the facelift longevity.   Environmental stress and/or smoking will also play a significant role in weakening the tissue, and the overall result.

Dr. Broadway will typically always add fat transfer to the face in conjunction with the facelift procedure to provide a fuller, more youthful appearance.  Fat transfer to the face can help to soften fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, plump up the cheeks, and fill in the temporal brow indentation.  This helps to eliminate the need for repeat dermal filler injections, and the patients own tissue is being used helping to eliminate infection or possible rejection.

Dr. Broadway has built his 20+ year reputation by offering his patients natural facelift results.  He is one of few that likes to include the fat transfer option to enhance the result, offering patients some of the best facelift results in Denver.

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Denver Lipo Surgeons in London

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Dr. Broadway just returned from an international VASER conference conducted in London. He and Dr. Millard were invited to lecture surgeons on the advanced techniques of VASER Hi Def Lipo and stem cell fat transfer.

SoundSurgical technologies hosted the course and invited Dr. Broadway to speak to other surgeons in reference to the VASER 2.0 system. This unique lipo system is the best technology on the market to help plastic surgeons obtain great Hi Def results.  Additionally, the ultrasonic energy has been specifiaclly designed to preserve and maintain fat cell viability for fat transfer procedures to the face, breasts and buttocks. 

Fat transfer procedures are quickly becoming the next craze in plastic surgery. Stem cell fat transfer is  a popular add on procedure for many of Dr. Broadway’s Denver plastic surgery patients who have scheduled lipo and facelift surgeries. 

Dr. Broadway explains “I’m usually doing fat transfer to the face or buttocks.  The biggest advantage of using VASER for fat grafting, in my experience, is the high quality of harvested fat.”  This means there is more to re inject back into the patient to give them the best result.

Dr. Broadway  and Dr. Millard will be hosting another VASER Hi Def course at the bod:evolve facility in February of 2011.  This course will focus on Hi Def Arms and Hi Def Legs.

If you are interested in becoming a course participant please contact us at 303-680-8989.

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Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About SmartLipo in Denver, Wyoming, Colorado Springs

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

There can be quite a bit of confusion about the different lipo technologies plastic surgeons offer, and which technology or technique is best for you.  In recent blogs we have discussed VASER technology, combined with advanced techniques to achieve VASER Hi Def.  Great for some, but not everyone is a candidate for VASER Hi Def, and some patients are looking for a less invasive procedure, with a shorter recovery, to target and eliminate a small area of unwanted fat.

Actual SmartLipo patient–Dr. Broadway

1. What is SmartLipo?
SmartLipo is a newer technology that uses a laser fiber to break up and loosen unwanted fat in areas such as the abdomen, flanks,  and face.  The procedure is considered to be less invasive than standard lipo, because the fatty tissue is melted and broken up which makes aspiration less invasive to the body.  Standard lipo is more like aspirating a solid substance through a small cannula, and SmartLipo is more like removing a milk shake consistency.  Less trauma to the body.

2. Who is a good candidate for SmartLipo?
SmartLipo is not a weight  loss solution.  The best candidate is a male or female who is within a few pounds of their ideal weight, and one who is having trouble losing the last few nagging pounds.  Ideal candidates are in overall good physical shape with a healthy medical history.

3.  What type of anesthesia is used during SmartLipo procedures?
One of the selling points of the laser lipo technique is that because it is less traumatic to connective tissue and blood vessels, the procedure can often be performed under LOCAL sedation.  These means yo don’t have to recover from IV, or general sedation.

4. How much does SmartLipo cost?
Because SmartLipo can be performed in the minor procedure room vs. the main OR, and there is no need for an anesthesiologist, the cost of the porcedure can be much less than that of VASER Hi Def.  Typically the procedure will begin around $5000.

5. Do you encourage post op massage therapy with SmartLipo?
Dr. Broadway’s Denver cosmetic surgery facility highly encourages post op massage therapy for all forms of lipo.  Our bod:evolve in house massage therapists, will use special techniques and ultrasound therapy to help alleviate enduration, swelling and allow for a quicker recovery.

6.  What is the recommended recovery time with SmartLipo?
Patients always recover at a different pace, but with any surgery we encourage you to take at least 1 week off of work, and be prepared for two weeks of light activity.  The smaller the surface area, typically, the quicker the recovery.  Most patients will be asked to wear a foam garment after surgery for a minimum of 3 weeks.

7.  How does SmartLipo compare to regular Lipo?
When utilizing SmartLipo technology, the surgeon will use a smaller cannula than what is used with traditional lipo.  The SmartLipo laser:

-Breaks up and melts the fatty tissue allowing for easier aspiration
-Cauterizes blood vessels so less bleeding occurs
-Stimulates collagen production to help tighten the skin during the first few weeks of recovery.

The procedure is less invasive, and the results are more dramatic.

8.  What areas of the body can SmartLipo be performed?
SmartLipo is ideal for localized areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, lateral thighs or chin.  Patients will see good skin contraction in these areas.

9.  Who offers SmartLipo?
Patients need to be careful when searching for their SmartLipo surgeon.  Many physicians, who are not board certified in plastic surgery, will often state they offer the procedure.  These surgeons have only taken a weekend course and have received minimal hours of training and experience.  Dr. Broadway is national instructor for Cynosure, the manufacture of SmartLipo, and has extensive training with the technology and how to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Broadway and his partner offer courses through the ABS Institute to surgeons who are looking to perfect their technique.

10.  How long do the SmartLipo results last?
The results last as long as the patient does their part to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  We try to help patients establish an overall health and wellness change by introducing them to all of the amenities offered at  Renewal Medical Center.

We look forward to meeting you during your SmartLipo consultation with triple board certified surgeon, Dr. David Broadway.

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Welcome to the blog of David Broadway

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Denver Fat Transfer Procedures in Denver, Lone Tree

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Reversing the signs of aging has always been a hot topic for men and women. Although beauty trends have faded in and out over the last 100 years, having younger, healthier looking skin has never diminished.

It was 1970 when Dr. Alan Scott used Botox to treat strabismus in monkeys. Seven years later he offered the same treatment to humans only to discover that the botox treatment also helped to reduce the appearance of deep frown lines and wrinkles in the forehead.

As the years progressed and the “looking younger” craze over took the U.S., dermal fillers and the best laser treatments emerged. Over the last 30 years, engineers and plastic surgeons have successfully accomplished turning back time and restoring a more youthful appearance for their patients by developing some of the most sophisticated equipment. In 2010, technology has advanced so much that patients can utilize their own fat to fill in facial lines and wrinkles.

Sound Surgical technology has released the latest version of the VASER ultrasound series, the VASER 2.0. This complex equipment has been re-engineered to improve the overall experience for physicians, and provide even greater versatility for body contouring procedures.

The newest version of ultrasonic energy has been optimized to specifically break apart fatty deposits, while preserving important connective tissue and maintaining the fat cell viability. The consistency of the fat that is aspirated is similar to that of a milk shake, making it easier for the surgeon to re inject the fat into areas such as the face.

This alternative to cosmetic dermal fillers is a great option for patients who are looking for a more permanent solution to filling in lines and wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and cheeks.

Triple Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Broadway, offers his Denver and Lone Tree plastic surgery patients fat transfer procedures to the face, buttocks, and breasts. This increasingly popular procedure will add fullness back to your face, decrease skin laxity, and give you a more youthful look. If you are tired of constantly maintaining your dermal filler injections every 8 to 12 months, the fat transfer procedure might be a great alternative. Looking younger just keeps getting easier!

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Colorado Liposcution Surgeons

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Many patients often raise the question “should I really have plastic surgery, isn’t it vain?” The fact of the matter is, although it may seem that vanity and physical appearance have taken over all media outlets including T.V., magazines, and billboards, we as human beings have always enjoyed things that are beautiful, and it is our appreciation of beauty that distinguishes us from the lower animals.

Vanity,which is derived from the word vain, means “doing something that has no significance or positive consequence.” The patients that have selected Dr. Broadway as their Colorado plastic surgeon, will argue that their surgery result has positively impacted they way they look and feel about themselves, and that feeling would not define the term vanity.

More so, their Denver cosmetic procedure helped them to enhance an area of their physique that they couldn’t change on their own, whether it was because they had a child and could not get rid of loose hanging skin, or due to genetics, where they simply carry excess fat in a stubborn area.

Whatever the reason, most Denver cosmetic surgery patients are not obsessive with cosmetic surgery. You won’t find our patients, nor Dr. Broadway, performing numerous body altering procedures that literally transform who you are like you see on certain Beverly Hill celebrities, such as Heidi Montag.

Colorado Lipo surgeon Dr. David Broadway has been helping his patients feel better about themselves for nearly 20 years. Every Denver lipo patient is a unique piece of art that he sculpts and shapes to the most ideal physique. His patients achieve natural results and find themsleves feeling more confident, without over doing it.

If you are ready to move forward with your Colorado lipo procedure, please contact us today to schedule your intial consultation. Your ideal physique is easier to achieve than you may think.

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SmartLift™ Surgeons Denver, Cherry Creek North and Boulder

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Dr. Broadway and his bodevolve partner are 1 of 5 plastic surgery facilities in the nation to offer their facial cosmetic surgery patients the newest, minimally invasive laser assisted facelift, the SmartLift™.

This unique facial procedure utilizes laser technology by Cynosure, the same laser used in body contouring and lipo procedures, to heat tissue under the skin allowing for skin tightening through tissue coagulation. Patients who find they have more laxity in their face and neck can combine this treatment with an over the skin laser resurfacing treatment such as the Profractional. By lasering the skin from both sides patients can expect skin tightening similar to that of a mini facelift.

The SmartLift™ can be performed under local anesthetic, smaller incisions are made, and is a great option for patients in their late forties, or patients who have acne scarring.

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Power Assisted Lipo Surgeons in Denver

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

What is Power Assisted Lipo or PAL?

Power Assisted Lipo features a special device on the cannula which uses tiny, rapid vibrations to break up the fat and allow for easier suction. The PAL system allows the surgeon to be more precise with fat removal and allows for a faster procedure. For the patient, it provides a safer procedure and a shorter recovery because the surgeon is having to use less force to break up fatty tissue.

Dr. Broadway supports and offers his Denver lipo patients Power Assisted Lipo. He believes the continuous, fast vibration is more gentle on the patients tissue because it loosens the fat cells, similar to when you shake a tree and the leaves fall off, allowing him to effortlessly suction the fat away. Dr. Broadway’s patients can expect smaller incisions and a reduced recovery time because he will target and remove specific fat without damaging surrounding tissue. The specialized PAL tip can also shorten the surgery time which is always appealing to patients.

If you would like to learn more about Denver Power Assisted Lipo and qualified surgeons who offer this specialized equipment, call today to schedule your consultation.

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Denver Plastic Surgeons on Facebook

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Follow Dr. Broadway and his bod:evolve collegues on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date on latest cosmetic advancements. Enter to win featured products from Skin Essentials at bod:evolve.

Share with your friends and make sure they become fans so they can receive the latest and greatest in Denver plastic surgery.

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