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Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer, Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

What female hasn’t heard a male say “I’m a butt guy, not a boob guy.”  The buttocks has always been an area of the female anatomy that women in the gym focus on shaping by performing endless jump squats, and countless walking lunges.  For some, that round athletic bubble butt comes naturally, but others have to literally work their bootie off to achieve it. Now anyone, of any age, can have that sexy, little waist, full buttock physique.

For years women have had options to enhance their breasts with breast implants, but buttock implants didn’t take off near as successfully because of the high risk of infection, and the possibility of the implant shifting.  The buttocks augmentation utilizing fat transfer techniques, has been quickly increasing in popularity over the last few years mainly because of the VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction system.  This system features ultrasonic energy that gently breaks up unwanted fatty tissue to make removal easier, but without destroying the fat cells.  This means the surgeon can melt the fat, remove the fat for harvest, and immediately re inject the fat to contour and shape areas such as the buttocks, breasts, or face.

Actual Dr. Broadway patient- 1 year post op Hi Def lipo abdomen and flanks with a fat transfer to buttocks. 

Dr. Broadway often recommends patients remove fat from their lower back, or flanks, because this alone will help to contour a sexy physique and give the illusion that the buttocks is bigger.  Adding additional fat to the buttock area allows Dr. Broadway to fill in irregularities such as cellulite dimpling, and add a more youthful, perky appearance to the buttocks.  This procedure is often referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

The Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock augmentation, is a permanent procedure as long as the patient selects a highly trained surgeon who understands the proper way to re inject the fat, as well as a great understanding for the art of anatomy.  According to  a recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, human fat that was harvested for transfer by the VASER ultrasound assisted technology,  retained 80% of it’s volume making it ideal for fat transfer and allowing for permanent results.

 Dr. Broadway @ bodevolve  performs fat transfer to the buttocks and face almost weekly, and has been featured on The Doctors Show with his patient who elected to have lipo of her lateral thighs and flanks, with the fat transfer to the buttocks.  Dr. Broadway  has also been chosen by Sound Surgical Technologies as a leading provider and instructor for the VASER ultrasound assisted system.  He teaches other surgeons through ABS Institute, how to maximize body sculpting procedures, like VASER Hi Def,  and how to achieve the most beautiful buttock augmentations utilizing the innovative technology.

The procedure will range in price from $10,000-$20,000 depending on how many areas of the body Dr. Broadway removes fat, and how long it will take a specific patient in the OR.  Everyone has a different desired result and this will be discussed at a great extent during your consultation visit, your Pre Op visit, and on the day of your surgery, to make certain you and Dr. Broadway understand YOUR goals.

To learn more about the buttock augmentation through fat transfer in Denver, Colorado Springs and Wyoming, call today to schedule you initial consultation with one of the most experienced fat transfer surgeons in Colorado.

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